Join The Party of Principle

The Libertarian Party of Ventura County is a liberty-loving political party and membership organization in Ventura County, California. 

We are a local affiliate of the national Libertarian Party, founded in 1971. It has become the largest and most successful alternative political party in the nation.  The two legacy parties, unfortunately, do not base themselves on freedom as we Libertarians do.  Our love of freedom is why the Libertarian Party exists.

The Libertarian Party stands for individual rights, limited government, free markets and peace.  We call ourselves “The Party of Principle” because our policies are grounded on the founders' libertarian principles rather than on any whim of the moment. Libertarian decisions will always come down on the side of freedom. 

Libertarians strongly oppose government interference in your personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe you should be free to live your life and pursue your interests as you see fit, as long as you do not harm anyone else.

If you do not see yourself fitting in with any of the other political parties of record, you just might be a Libertarian! We welcome you to join us.