A Safer and Fairer World

You've heard talk about a global reset, great reset, or just reset. What was once a conspiracy theory is now surfacing to be very real and very scary. Of course this includes climate change issues but also the idea that we're headed toward a population explosion which will necessitate the need to be selective as to which humans may be allowed to inhabit the earth. Another word for this is eugenics. Activities toward control and centralization have been many years in the making. Read these words from Julian Huxley speaking about goals for the newly founded UNESCO, a United Nations agency, in 1945:

"To achieve the desired evolutionary progress of mankind the first step must be to stress the ultimate need for world political unity, and familiarize all people with the implication of the transfer of full sovereignty of separate nations to a world organization. Furthermore the institution must consider the trade-off between the importance of quality against quantity." That would mean no more United States of America. And if you thought getting your voice heard was difficult on a federal level, wait until you have to go global. But there are many who see this a the humanitarian thing to do, such as Jim Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, who wants to eliminate Trump's "America First" policy. This seems to be what is dividing our country. Those who would give everything away to appear righteous and those who don't quite trust someone else to run their lives. Friends, we must stay vigilant; individual freedom is living on a prayer in the state of the world today.