A Libertarian Story

From our National Chair, here is a heartwarming story about the difference an elected official can make in someone’s life: Libertarian Cara Schulz serves on the city council in Burnsville, Minn., and her experience in office provides a powerful example. 

Cara writes, “A man who is currently homeless signed up to speak during the public comments portion of the Burnsville City Council meeting last week. He has been sleeping in his car at night in the Walmart parking lot. Walmart is known to allow this at locations across the country. But, recently, he received notice from Walmart that it wasn’t allowed at this location because of a city ordinance.

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Message from State Chair

LPC Chair Mimi Robson gives us an update and invites us to volunteer for a state committee:

"We have some great news to share coming out of our convention, which took place in Concord, California, April 5-7, 2019. The convention was a huge success! All told, we raised approximately $25,000 during the convention and this is the first convention in at least ten years in which the Party had more money in its bank account after the convention than before! We had 152 delegates register at the convention with 134 delegates on the floor on Sunday morning.


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We Are Now Central Area

Meet our new Central Area Coordinator Justin Quigley. Justin is a sign fabricator, traffic control technician, and musician from Ceres California. After learning of the Libertarian Party in his early thirties, he began following the movement and soon found that many of the questions he had been asking himself about government and politics all along, were part of the very foundation that libertarianism is founded upon.

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Convention Recap

Our California State LP Convention held in Concord in early April was a wonderful success. Very well organized by Vice Chair Brent Olsen and professionally monitored by Chair Mimi Robson, I once again was very glad I attended. Best of all, there were 123 delegates---the highest number in recent years---and that's not even counting non-members, guests and family. 

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Letter to the Editor: Electoral College

LTE Published in the Ventura Breeze:

I read your paper when I can, but a recent column was brought to my attention by someone who thought I should respond. In response to a reader, you wrote: "Don’t you think whoever gets the most votes should win?" and followed with arguments against the Electoral College. I disagree.

First, you ask how something passed in 1787 (i.e.: the Constitution) could have any application today, citing population changes. Every provision of the Constitution, as amended and interpreted, has applied to every legal precept in the United Statesthroughout the intervening 232 years. You may have an affinity for one provision (Freedom of Speech) and dislike another (Electoral College), but you can't say that either one is invalid because of increased population. The justification for them is founded on principles, not population.

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Chair Robin Westmiller Interview "OnVenturaTV"

Our Ventura TV

Libertarian Party of Ventura County Chair Robin Westmiller discusses the future of the Libertarian Party and planned activities for the Libertarian Party of Ventura County leading up to the 2020 elections in an in depth interview with “Our VenturaTV” Producer George Alger.

Our Ventura TV is an award-winning weekly talk show television series broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV and also published on this website as well as on social media networks. The programs are primarily about nonprofits, community advocates, leaders, artists and organizations who contribute in some way to the Ventura County community.

“Since we began in 2008, the theme for the TV series has been “People doing good things in Ventura County” and the surrounding area. The majority of programs are talk shows featuring guests who are interviewed about their activities in the community. Additionally, there are music, theatrical and other entertainment productions,” says Alger.

The program will air on Sunday, March 10 at 2:00, Monday, March 11 at 1:00, Thursday, March 14 at 9:00 am, and Saturday, March 16 at 9am.

To watch the interview, visit OurVenturaTV


Join the Discussion on our Linkedin Group

Inviting all registered Libertarians in Ventura County to join our Linkedin Discussion group 

Battle Won Against College Free Speech Zones

Students in the Los Angeles Community College District will have Kevin Shaw to thank when postage-stamp sized restricted free speech zones are eliminated from their nine college campuses this year. Kevin recently won his constitutionally based case with the help of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.  


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California Libertarian's Victory Could Be a Roadmap for Others

This article about victorious Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt was written by Steven Greenhut

Winning candidates need to offer practical approaches that are appropriate for the offices they are seeking. Jeff Hewitt did exactly that. 

Many of my Republican friends chide me for being a "Losertarian," a member of a party, the Libertarian Party, that is far better known for its sometimes-bizarre candidates, bitter internal disputes and unrealistic policy positions than it is for winning elections. Never mind that the GOP has its share of strange candidates (including one who managed to win a presidential election), but the criticism always has had an uncomfortable ring of truth to it.

So it was with much enjoyment that I watched Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt certified as the winner of a seat on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. In an election that saw Republican candidates obliterated for statewide and legislative seats, it was unusual seeing a Libertarian win a powerful office in one of the nation's most-populous counties. These races are "nonpartisan," but Calimesa Mayor Hewitt never hid his party affiliation. He beat a well-known Republican former Assemblyman.... read the entire article here: California Libertarian's Victory Could Be a Roadmap for Others

Steven Greenhut is western region director for the R Street Institute and was previously the Union-Tribune's California columnist. He is based in Sacramento.

Celebration Party for Jeff Hewitt

Message from California Libertarian Party Chair:

If  you've not already heard, I have some very exciting news. Jeff Hewitt, California's Region 4 LNC Representative and longtime Libertarian activist, won his election for Riverside County Supervisor! The Riverside County Registrar of Voters certified the election just before the deadline of December 6th, and announced the results on December 7th, that Hewitt won by a margin of 3.8% and now will hold a position that represents almost 2.5 million residents in the 11th largest county in the United States.

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