Help Needed: Gather Signatures for Oxnard Recall

Here’s a volunteer opportunity for all Libertarians, especially those who live in Oxnard. The signature drive to recall from office Oxnard Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, Perello and Madrigal has been formally launched and petition gatherers are needed. This activity is on-going. Please see contact information below to offer your time to this project.

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Liberty and Libations in OJAI Sunday June 11

Our first event in Ojai means it’s your chance to meet up with fellow Libertarians. We’ll be at the Ojai Cafe Emporium, 108 South Montgomery Street, from 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM on Sunday June 11. If you can, bring one of your favorite Libertarian quotes to discuss. There will be a raffle prize gift for your summer reading list.  Enjoy a morning in Ojai and come by and share your thoughts on the issues facing us today. The Ojai Cafe offers both breakfast and lunch and has many bakery items. Please come and bring a friend.

LPC State Executive Committee Meeting

For those members wishing to learn more about the party on a state level you are welcome to attend the upcoming state ExCom meeting on Sunday June 11. It will be held at the state’s southern office, 825 South Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia 91016 and will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Scheduled at 2:00 PM will be 2018 convention presentations. Note: Non ExCom attendees participate mainly as observers.

Aaron Starr: Oxnard Recall Petitions Are Ready

he Oxnard City Clerk just approved our recall petition forms.


Now we need $2,800 ASAP to pay for printing the petitions – can you pitch in a contribution of any amount? Here’s the link.

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Calling All Libertarians!

Now is the time to prepare for 2018 elections. Join us by volunteering at the Libertarian Party of Ventura County. We have work to do! Small tasks, big jobs, and even candidate preparation for elected office. We need YOU to be active in the spread of libertarian political and economic ideas.

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Published! Letter to Editor on Gas Tax

I find the Acorn’s letters to the editor extremely informative. I thank the citizens who take the time to observe and report what is going on at our city council meetings. With respect to the (Thousand Oaks) city’s desire to increase our sales tax to fund transportation I’d like to understand in sufficient detail why the new state gas tax would not fund our transportation projects.

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Single-Payer Health Plan Not Good for State

California’s legislators have passed our very own single-payer health plan at an estimated cost of $400 billion annually, and they don’t know how they’re going to pay for it. Am I crazy? Should I be concerned? What’s a higher sales or consumption tax going to do to our local economy overall?Should I worry that our track record of government controlled healthcare—the VA Medical System— is in dismal shape and so, to be democratic, a single-payer plan will allow the government to fail us all?

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Insight from a New Libertarian

“We were elected to the people’s house to serve their will, their interests, and limit government interference in their lives. I was not elected to do the bidding of a political party at the expense of my principles. Establishment partisan politics do nothing to protect the rights of people, but instead only serve to prop up and expand government with arcane plans to irresponsibly spend our money and enact burdensome regulations on businesses, small and large alike. The Libertarian Party platform gives us, as legislators, the best possible framework to expand social freedoms, support a free-market economy, and ensure the checks and balances on government power are enforced.”

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Attention Oxnard Libertarians: Urgent Matter

Please help oppose Oxnard’s sewer rate increase in just two easy steps.

On Tuesday, May 16, the Oxnard City Council is scheduled to INCREASE your sewer rates by $279.24 per year – even though we voted down their latest rate increase this last November, when we adopted Measure M with 72% of the vote.   It’s important that you attend the May 16 (starting at 6 pm) public hearing at City Hall (Oxnard City Hall Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street, Oxnard, CA 93030), where this important decision will be made by the Oxnard City Council.

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LPC Convention Notes

Over the weekend of April 29-30, 2017 the California Libertarian Party held its annual convention in Santa Clara California.  It was a wonderful weekend with over 80 delegates in attendance to vote on party business and enjoy fine speakers. In addition elections were held to fill state party officer positions for two-year terms.  The results of the elections are as follows: Ted Brown-Party Chair; Kenneth Brent Olsen-Northern Vice-Chair; Jonathan Jaech-Southern Vice-Chair; Honor “Mimi” Robson-Secretary; and Steven Haug-Treasurer. Six At-Large Members were also elected with two alternates. A seat on the Judiciary Committee was filled.

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