Ten New Ideas Bringing Down America

An abridged opinion piece from Victor David Hansen: historian, commentator, author: 

Money is a construct. It can be created from thin air. 

Laws are not necessarily binding anymore. Arrests, prosecutions, and trials are all fluid. Ideology governs when a law is still considered a law. How useful the crime is to the larger agendas of the left determines whether a victim is really a victim, and the victimizer really a victimizer.

Racialism is now acceptable. We are defined first by our ethnicity or religion, and only secondarily—if at all—by an American commonality. Falsely being called a racist makes one more guilty than falsely calling someone else a racist.

The immigrant is mostly preferable to the citizen. The newcomer, unlike the host, is not stained by the sins of America’s founding and history. Our elites believe illegal entrants more closely resemble the “founders” than do legal citizens, about half of whom they consider irredeemable.

Most Americans should be treated as we would treat little children. They cannot be asked to provide an ID to vote. “Noble lies” by our elites about COVID-19 rules are necessary to protect “Neanderthals” from themselves. Americans deserve relief from the stress of grades, standardized testing, and normative rules of school behavior. 

Hypocrisy is passé. Virtue-signaling is alive. It is what you say to lesser others about how to live, not how you yourself live, that matters.

Ignoring or perpetuating homelessness is preferable to ending it. It is more humane to let thousands of homeless people live, eat, defecate, and use drugs on public streets and sidewalks than it is to green-light affordable housing, mandate hospitalization for the mentally ill, and create sufficient public shelter areas.

McCarthyism is good. Destroying lives and careers for incorrect thoughts saves more lives and careers. The social media guillotine is the humane, scientific tool of the “woke.”

Ignorance is preferable to knowledge. Neither statue-toppling, nor name-changing, nor the 1619 Project requires any evidence or historical knowledge. 

‘Wokeness’ is the new religion, growing faster and larger than Christianity. 

Americans privately fear these rules, while publicly appearing to accept them.
The answer determines whether a constitutional republic continues as once envisioned, or warps into something never imagined by those who created it.