Fight Back on Vaccine Passport

Activist Peggy Hall just led a successful push-back against the vaccine passport at the recent Orange County Supervisors meeting. We need to be as vigilant here in Ventura County. Read her reasons why the decision came down in her favor:

1. We mobilized quickly, at a moment's notice, and shared important messages and information to prepare for the meeting.

2. We the People were present, prepared, powerful and persuasive. Hundreds of people from different walks of life came to share their opinions and outrage at such an immortal, unethical, unlawful proposal to take and track our personal health information.

3. Health Officer Chau had floated trial balloons over the previous days, stating that "Every child HAD to be vaccinated" and that schools should become "vaccination centers." Those proposals were shot down by the public outcry and many hours of testimony given by the public at the OC Board of Education Meeting.

4. The vigor and voices of We the People in Orange County can not be ignored or denied. The public servants were put on notice that we are ready and willing to take legal action and have them removed from their positions and be held accountable under state and federal laws for their egregious violations of our rights, as protected, secured and guaranteed under the state and federal constitution.

5. Regardless of the public servants back-pedaling on their statements to create some sort of "digital vaccine verification," the success is that We the People are present, powerful and persuasive -- and we will NEVER be silent. We are watching their every move. They cannot slip anything past us. We will be there, en masse, never to be silenced.

6. Hundreds of individuals, with bare faces, no distancing. This was a victory in and of itself, and a powerful picture of FREEDOM!

7. We know that these servants have other tricks up their sleeve, but we know what's going on behind the curtain, We know that they will "kick the can down the road" to put pressure and offer bribes to businesses to do their dirty work, just like they did with masks. It is 100% illegal, unlawful, immoral, unethical for any of these practices and measures to be foisted upon us, and we will fight it at every turn.