Annual Election Meeting 2021

Stay tuned for the Executive Committee Election Meeting in late January next year. Details for time and place are forthcoming although it is likely we will be forced to have a Zoom meeting. This meeting is the time to throw your hat in the ring for an ExCom position, whether it be as an officer (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) or as a Committee Chair for the various functions of our county group. We will also be finalizing an amendment to our LPVC constitution regarding out of state membership. Please plan on attending and speak up if you would like to try for an active position. The LPVC needs you!


2020 Election Results

Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen for POTUS and VP
Nationwide 1.18% with 1,850,843 votes.
Statewide 1.1% with 185,787 votes.
Countywide 1.2% with 5047 votes.*

Aaron Starr for Oxnard City Council: 32% with 3439 votes, 2nd place in 3-way race.

Kate O'Brien for Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District: 20% with 31,579 votes, #1 in 6-way race.**

James Aragon for Oxnard Treasurer: 37% with 22,975 votes, 2nd place in 2-way race.

Maria Soosai for Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council: 29% with 3219 votes, third in 3-way race.

*Exceeded LP voter registrations of 4765!


THANK YOU to all our Libertarians who ran for office!




Currently Interviewing Libertarians!

California State Chair Mimi Robson has initiated a project to learn how we can better "market our brand." After almost 50 years the public is still generally unaware of our existence. How discouraging! But now WE can participate in marketing research aimed to change all that. Read her message and sign up to be interviewed to share your ideas on what YOU think the problem is and/or what YOU think we can do about it. 


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Text for Jo!

Here's a call-out from the Jo Jorgensen campaign for volunteers. Instead of a phone bank it's a text bank:  

"It’s easy to text bank for Jo Jorgensen.

We’re reaching literally thousands of voters every week, letting them know about the third option on every ballot: Dr. Jo.  We can reach tens of thousands more with your help! (And don’t worry, you don’t have to use your personal phone number.) Top Text Bankers every Tuesday and Thursday will receive a very special limited edition prize from the national campaign, plus special recognition for your hard work."

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Ballot Recommendations

The following is a list of our official positions on state propositions and county measures for the 2020 General Election. Some of them will not be on your ballot as they are city and location dependent. 

State   Oxnard Ventura County
Proposition 14 - No   Measure E - No Measure O - No Opinion
Proposition 15 - No   Measure F - No (We are split)
Proposition 16 - No   Measure L - Yes  
Proposition 17 - No   Measure M - Yes  
Proposition 18 - No   Measure N - Yes  
Proposition 19 - No      
Proposition 20 - No   Ojai Ojai School District
Proposition 21 - No   Measure G - No Measure K - No
Proposition 22 - Yes      
Proposition 23 - No   Ventura Ventura School District
Proposition 24 - No   Measure I - No Measure H - No
Proposition 25 - Yes   Measure J - Yes  



Candidate Endorsements

The following endorsements involve down-ballot, non-partisan offices that rarely receive the sizzle of attention they deserve. We want to draw your attention to them as we feel some non-partisan candidates are a step above the others when it comes to the defense of your liberty.

For Oxnard City Treasurer we endorse James Aragon.

For Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council we endorse Maria Soosai.


Jo in Anaheim Oct 11

Jo Jorgensen, 2020 Presidential candidate, will be stopping at Brewheim Brewery in Anaheim on Sunday October 11. Come hear and support our Libertarian voice in the 2020 election. Tickets include brewery tour, drinks and donation. Event will be held at Brewheim Brewery, 1931 E. Wright Circle, Anaheim CA 92806 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 



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50 State Ballot Access!

This is HUGE! One can only imagine the time, effort and money that was needed to make this happen. The national LP office has confirmed that Dr. Jo Jorgensen, our Libertarian presidential candidate, will be on every ballot in 2020! More than 60,000 signatures were safely gathered across the country during a pandemic and mass shutdowns. Many states were very narrowly secured, with one state confirming Libertarian ballot access by only seven signatures! 

Jo Jorgensen is officially the first woman to be on every presidential ballot in the country TWICE (1996 & 2020). This is reason to celebrate! Every American will have the chance to vote for Jo in November. Never have voters been more dissatisfied with the options given to them by the old parties. Let’s work together to show them that there is another candidate–-that there is a real choice. Real change for real people.


Making your preference known

We have a few pictures of cars that participated in the 'car rally' for the Jo20 campaign.

Don't be bashful. This IS something you can do even while lots of us are wearing masks.

Let people know who you would actually prefer. 8)


Let Her Speak Car Rally

New campaign event!  More information on Events tab.