June 6, 2022

The Quarterly meeting of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County is scheduled for

Thursday, June 9, 2022.  Optional social Meet and Greet begins at 6:30pm; General Membership Meeting begins at 7:00pm.

Location: Starbucks, Janss Mall, 401 N Moorpark Rd suite 3706, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

Open to the Public


If you wish to submit any additional items to the agenda, please do so at least 48 prior to the meeting to chair at: [email protected]

Tentative Proposed Agenda Items (including who submitted the item):

- Meet and Greet All New Attendees and Guests - Socialize and Get to Know One Another - 30 minutes

- 7:00pm - Call to order

- Adoption of Agenda

- Items to Report & Discuss by Treasurer Susan Aquino - 30 minutes

        - Report on Recent Appointment of Vacant Officers Positions - Susan Aquino - 3 minutes

     - - Report on national convention - Susan Aquino - 4 minutes

         -Report on California and county election results -  - Susan Aquino - 4 minutes

         -Status of Ventura County rent control -  - Susan Aquino - 4 minutes

          -Notes from affiliate training -  - Susan Aquino - 4 minutes

         -Acknowledge Mark Suarez for becoming life member -  - Susan Aquino  - 2 minutes

         -Current bills in state legislature - Susan Aquino - 4 minutes

         - Report on Our Recent Ballot Recommendations - Jeff Schwartz and Susan Aquino - 4 minutes - DOCUMENT

- Items to Report & Discuss by Chair Jeff Schwartz - 30 minutes

         - Modifications to our website and a proposed new YouTube channel and Twitter channel - Jeff Schwartz - 3 minutes UNOFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL 


         - New Project Proposal - Encourage ALL Members to Get on November Ballot for Local Office - Jeff Schwartz - 10 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes discussion DOCUMENT

Vice-Chair Report: Austin Jackson - Tabling and Volunteering - 5 minutes

- End of Scheduled Discussion

- Any other new business - New business items limited to 5 minutes unless time extended by majority vote.

- Extended Discussion Session (Optional) - Topics to be discussed at this time will be guided by majority vote - Moderated by Chair

Members can submit your own proposals for additional agenda items to Jeff Schwartz by email at [email protected]

The General Membership Meeting will be preceded by an optional meet and greet session from 6:30pm to 7:00pm