Candidate Training

An announcement from our national office that will be of interest to anyone considering running for office:
The year 2021 will be an exciting one for your Lib
ertarian Party! With one of the most successful electoral and fundraising years serving as prologue, we plan to keep the momentum going. One of the several plans for capitalizing on our growth this year will be a ramp-up of the training of Libertarian candidates, staff, and state officers all over the country and at all levels of the Libertarian Party.

Spearheaded by Candidate Recruitment associate and sitting Burnsville, Minnesota city councilmember Cara Schulz, the program will be an intensive, introductory course held largely online on weekends to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign. 

Among the several areas to be covered in this valuable training are campaign management and leadership, campaign planning and strategy, and fundraising. Students of the course who approach it with no prior knowledge of campaigning will come away from it understanding how successful candidates plan and execute their campaigns with effective communication and proper staff and resource management.

In addition to classes for candidates, Cara will conduct a leadership program targeted at party leaders at the affiliate level. Running concurrently with the candidate training above, state party officers will be offered courses in the tasks of their positions as well as participating with the candidates in their training in classes relevant to both situations. In addition, the program will allow state officers to meet and mingle with officers in other states to network and share ideas. 

This valuable training has already been utilized in two of the LNC’s regions, instructing candidates on topics such as fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention, and training on our relationship management system. Watch for upcoming training dates or visit

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Recall Gavin Newsom

Do your part in recalling Governor Gavin Newsom, an action our LPC ExCom approved last year. The petition, written earlier this year, doesn't even begin to address his current list of dictatorial COVID restrictions and his complete disregard for the First Amendment, ample reason to get on board and volunteer so that the signature deadline can be met. Note that this is the second petition campaign. If you signed before June, you do need to sign again. Go to the website to download a petition to sign or find out where you can sign. You can also print copies and gather signatures yourself. Local business owners would probably be very happy to see you, so that would be a great place to start.


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Opportunities with National LP

The Libertarian National Committee is soliciting applications for the following committees:

Audit Committee:   The Audit Committee selects an independent audit company and directs the scale and scope of standard annual audits of the Party’s accounting records and processes.  After receipt of the report, the Committee helps the LNC interpret the audit results and preparing any needed action plans.

Awards Committee:   The Awards Committee is the primary point committee for Convention Awards.  The Committee sets the budget, manages the nomination process, selects the award winners, secures the awards, and present the Convention Awards at the Convention.

Candidate Support Committee:  The Candidate Support Committee develops and makes available to Libertarian Party candidates for public office applications for LNC financial support based on current standards approved by the LNC.  The Committee also assists in developing candidate training.

In order to apply, please fill out the application here:

If you are applying for more than one committee, please submit separate applications for each position sought.

Thank you very much for your consideration of these opportunities.  If you have any questions at all, please contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 561.523.2250.

In Liberty,

Caryn Ann Harlos, LNC Secretary

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Annual Election Meeting 2021

Stay tuned for the Executive Committee Election Meeting in late January next year. Details for time and place are forthcoming although it is likely we will be forced to have a Zoom meeting. This meeting is the time to throw your hat in the ring for an ExCom position, whether it be as an officer (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) or as a Committee Chair for the various functions of our county group. We will also be finalizing an amendment to our LPVC constitution regarding out of state membership. Please plan on attending and speak up if you would like to try for an active position. The LPVC needs you!

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2020 Election Results

Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen for POTUS and VP
Nationwide 1.18% with 1,850,843 votes.
Statewide 1.1% with 185,787 votes.
Countywide 1.2% with 5047 votes.*

Aaron Starr for Oxnard City Council: 32% with 3439 votes, 2nd place in 3-way race.

Kate O'Brien for Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District: 20% with 31,579 votes, #1 in 6-way race.**

James Aragon for Oxnard Treasurer: 37% with 22,975 votes, 2nd place in 2-way race.

Maria Soosai for Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council: 29% with 3219 votes, third in 3-way race.

*Exceeded LP voter registrations of 4765!


THANK YOU to all our Libertarians who ran for office!



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Currently Interviewing Libertarians!

California State Chair Mimi Robson has initiated a project to learn how we can better "market our brand." After almost 50 years the public is still generally unaware of our existence. How discouraging! But now WE can participate in marketing research aimed to change all that. Read her message and sign up to be interviewed to share your ideas on what YOU think the problem is and/or what YOU think we can do about it. 


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Text for Jo!

Here's a call-out from the Jo Jorgensen campaign for volunteers. Instead of a phone bank it's a text bank:  

"It’s easy to text bank for Jo Jorgensen.

We’re reaching literally thousands of voters every week, letting them know about the third option on every ballot: Dr. Jo.  We can reach tens of thousands more with your help! (And don’t worry, you don’t have to use your personal phone number.) Top Text Bankers every Tuesday and Thursday will receive a very special limited edition prize from the national campaign, plus special recognition for your hard work."

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Ballot Recommendations

The following is a list of our official positions on state propositions and county measures for the 2020 General Election. Some of them will not be on your ballot as they are city and location dependent. 

State   Oxnard Ventura County
Proposition 14 - No   Measure E - No Measure O - No Opinion
Proposition 15 - No   Measure F - No (We are split)
Proposition 16 - No   Measure L - Yes  
Proposition 17 - No   Measure M - Yes  
Proposition 18 - No   Measure N - Yes  
Proposition 19 - No      
Proposition 20 - No   Ojai Ojai School District
Proposition 21 - No   Measure G - No Measure K - No
Proposition 22 - Yes      
Proposition 23 - No   Ventura Ventura School District
Proposition 24 - No   Measure I - No Measure H - No
Proposition 25 - Yes   Measure J - Yes  


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Candidate Endorsements

The following endorsements involve down-ballot, non-partisan offices that rarely receive the sizzle of attention they deserve. We want to draw your attention to them as we feel some non-partisan candidates are a step above the others when it comes to the defense of your liberty.

For Oxnard City Treasurer we endorse James Aragon.

For Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council we endorse Maria Soosai.

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Jo in Anaheim Oct 11

Jo Jorgensen, 2020 Presidential candidate, will be stopping at Brewheim Brewery in Anaheim on Sunday October 11. Come hear and support our Libertarian voice in the 2020 election. Tickets include brewery tour, drinks and donation. Event will be held at Brewheim Brewery, 1931 E. Wright Circle, Anaheim CA 92806 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 



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