Let Her Speak Car Rally

New campaign event!  More information on Events tab.

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From Elias Hoff, Published in the Ventura Star:

The two-party system has failed us. No more do we vote for the candidate that we believe in, we vote for the "lesser of two evils."

No longer do we proudly explain our position to friends and neighbors, but instead stay reluctant to be honest even with the pollsters. The principles this nation was founded on are not represented by the radical Democrats or the fear mongering Republicans. 

This year don't be afraid to vote your conscience. Jo Jorgensen supports ending the oppressive war on drugs. She advocates staying out of costly foreign conflicts. She understands how important it is to allow the free market to reduce health care costs through healthy competition. Most of all, she understands the vulnerability of being $26 trillion dollars in debt. Visit jo20.com to learn more about a refreshing alternative to the wicked status quo. Vote with your conscience this year. Vote for Jo. 

From Teresa Cvach, Published in the Ventura Star:

This election, remember that there are more than two names on the ballot. That you don't have to choose between the 'lesser of the two evils'. Despite voter suppression by the Republicrats, the 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate gained the best 3rd party results since Ross Perot. Despite being the 3rd largest political party, due to bureaucratic limitations, the Libertarian presidential candidate is not currently represented on all 50 state's ballots. Finally, know that the Libertarian party is gaining momentum. Our first member in Congress, Justin Amash, has co-authored the first tri-partisan legislation in US Congressional history to end Qualified Immunity.

Check out Jo Jorgensen for a fresh perspective. Vote Gold!

 Jorgensen campaign YARD SIGNS available for your yard or busy intersection. Contact us. 

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Commemorating our Independence

On May 17, 1776 John Adams wrote, "There is something very unnatural and odious in a government a thousand leagues off. A whole government of our own choice, managed by persons whom we love, revere, and can confide in, has charms in it for which men will fight.

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Jorgenson/Cohen Update


It’s hard to comprehend just how fast-paced a Presidential campaign is once you’ve won the nomination.

In the 48 hours after Jo won the nomination, over 5,000 new supporters signed up, including over 1,000 new volunteers, and over 600 new donors. All unsolicited.We had to expand our communications team from one … to two … to three … to four in less than a week to keep up with the explosion of interest. Jo is doing four to seven appearances or interviews per day, six days a week -- including local newspapers, radio, and TV, plus national outlets like the Washington Post, NPR’s Weekend Edition, and John Stossel.

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Jorgenson/Cohen Interview

PRESENTING our Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen in their first joint interview. Great presence and solid words make them a strong team. Take time to listen to the video and get to know the 2020 ticket that will put forward the best ideas to save this country.   

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LP Presidential Candidate

Jo Jorgenson has been selected to be the LP Presidential candidate for 2020. She was nominated at the National LP Convention held on-line during Memorial Day weekend. Spike Cohen was nominated to be her Vice Presidential running mate. Both are Libertarians strong on principle, but each has their own brand of speaking. Hopefully the team will reach many different types of voters in the upcoming election. 

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Online Convention Starts Thursday

We're down to the wire and just now getting specific details on our online national convention. Delegates and Alternates have been meeting on and off for a week to fine-tune voting procedures, and State Chairs have been busy setting up communication with their delegations. You may not be a Delegate this year, but you are still welcome to watch the debates on Thursday night and to follow the convention live via YouTube.com on the Libertarian Party channel.

Here is the schedule as we know it. All times are Pacific.





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Here is an update on the Libertarian Party Convention previously scheduled for Memorial Day weekend in Austin Texas. The new plan is to hold an online convention limited to the matter of selecting our presidential/vice presidential nominees and for electing our national party officers. All other convention business will be conducted at a physical convention in July in Florida. 

The following is from the LP website:


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Remembering Heinlein

From Heinlein's "Revolt in 2100's" afterword, “Concerning Stories Never Written” in which the author takes an incisive look at a possible dark future for our country. Remember that Heinlein wrote this almost 70 years ago.

[The novel itself is about a possible future in which the US turned into a theocracy. Science fiction, right?]

“As for ... the idea that we could lose our freedom by succumbing to a wave of religious hysteria, I am sorry to say that I consider it possible. I hope that it is not probable. But there is a latent deep strain of religious fanaticism in this, our culture; it is rooted in our history and it has broken out many times in the past.

"It is with us now; there has been a sharp rise in strongly evangelical sects in this country in recent years, some of which hold beliefs theocratic in the extreme, anti-intellectual, anti-scientific, and anti-libertarian.

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Lockdown Protest Friday May 1

For county libertarians who are not in agreement with COVID restrictions--- whether because you doubt the severity or because you are concerned for your freedoms---you may want to know about the protest planned for this Friday May 1st at the Government Center.

FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2020 @12PM Noon
Ventura County Government Center
Ventura, CA 93009


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