The Answer is Freedom

Words from RON PAUL in response to COVID restrictions: "It's not that complicated. The issue is whether or not we have our freedom and our responsibility to take care of ourselves. That would solve a lot of these problems. It doesn't mean it will be a perfect world. You won't have perfect medicine. But when you let the bureaucrats in, the authoritarians and the Fauci's of the world, the Bill Gates of the world, to dictate social policies, and medical policy, science policy and all these things, you end up with a monstrosity. And to reverse this is going to be very difficult. Because even when the facts come out, which they are, it's going to be very hard. The people have been conditioned to be fearful, to be scared, and we are raising a whole generation of people intimidated and frightened and scared about what's going on. 

But we have a job ahead of ourselves and the solution is not only believing in freedom but also to believe and get people to understand what freedom is all about and why a free society is so much safer and so much more productive. So if you're looking for peace and prosperity you have to look for a free society that recognizes the value of liberty."