"We’ve introduced millions of Americans to an idea that cannot be stopped – we don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils." Gary Johnson

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To all current and prospective members: Annual elections for LPVC officers for the new year will be held in late January 2017; date and location details are forthcoming. This is a heads-up to consider becoming part of the Executive Committee. All members and those who would like to become members are encouraged to attend so that they may […]



Here are some statistics for the Johnson/Weld ticket. Popular votes nationwide: 4,167,740. Percentage of votes received nationwide: 3.26% (triple that of 2012). Popular vote in Ventura County: 10,654. Percentage of votes received countywide: 3.75%. Voter turnout countywide 65 %. The national office claims 9000 new members for this year alone, an increase from 11,184 to […]

NATIONAL CHAIR’s Words from Election Night

Nicholas Sarwark LP Chair

Hello Libertarians! It is an honor to stand here on this stage tonight after the two greatest candidates that the Libertarian Party has ever had! …the candidates that have had more success than the Libertarian Party has ever had in 45 years! …the only candidates willing to go out there and stand up for the people […]

A FINAL THANK YOU from Gary Johnson


It is a rare privilege to play a part in shaping the future of a great nation. By offering Americans an honorable, principled choice in this election, and being joined by thousands of supporters and volunteers to make a credible third party ticket part of the national conversation, we took significant steps toward reshaping the […]

END NOTES for Johnson/Weld Local Campaign


A dozen of us had a great time at the Election Night Party. Applebee’s Restaurant in Camarillo was a very good venue as we had a room and a TV all to ourselves. An alcoholic beverage was in order for most of the attendees as we watched the unexpected results. It was great to see […]


Gary Johnson 2016

And now it’s over. What a wonderful campaign our party had! If you don’t think so, let me tell you about earlier ones in which our candidates would cross the country in their own car with very little financial support while speaking only to the choir of other Libertarian groups. In those days they made nary a […]