President Trump's inaugural address says: this is "the day the people become the rulers of this nation again." Libertarians say "We shall see."

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This Saturday, I will not be attending the protest march on Washington, although I live only a few minutes away from that location. This march suggests that Donald J. Trump’s inappropriateness is somehow worse than the government abuses under Barack Obama and George W. Bush. I won’t support that kind of value reversal. I will […]

PARKS and RECREATION? It’s Not Just a TV Show

We have just learned of a vacancy in the Rancho Simi Parks and Recreation District. The Board of Directions will be appointing a replacement for a board member who is leaving mid-term.  The successful applicant will continue until the next election in November 2018. Applications are due by January 15th.  For more information go to and […]


Notice of upcoming elections to fill positions on the 2017 LPVC Executive Committee has been mailed to all current members. The final date and time have been set. The Annual Elections Business Meeting will be held on Wednesday January 18 at Mimi’s Cafe in Thousand Oaks, 400 North Moorpark Road (805-373-6161). You may want to […]

GROWTH and SUCCESS: Message from National Executive Director

December 11, 2016 was the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party!  Despite all the hurdles the Rs and Ds and their cronies have thrown against us, we have survived and grown for 45 years, and are now thriving like never before.  There are reasons that we have only 2 dominant parties in the US. […]

Libertarian Loses Lead

We are sorry to report that Aaron Starr, LPVC member, lost his lead in the race for Oxnard City Council. It was not clear until November 29th when all provisional ballots had been counted that he had been bypassed by the (former) fourth runner up. This came as a surprise as it had previously appeared […]

FYI: No Holiday Party This Year

An annual holiday party will not take place this year. Please instead join your fellow Libertarians at the first business meeting of the year in January where officer elections will take place. Watch for date, time and location soon.