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Crowding Out by Pensions Coming to Ventura


Reprinted with permission from the Ventura Taxpayers Association: “I do not know where we are going to get the money.” Five years ago Ventura City Councilman Morehouse did not know how prophetic he would be asking that question when he, Mayor Weir and Councilman Andrews were on the losing end of a vote to award retroactive […]

Early Bird Deadline for Libertarian Political Expo


The Libertarian Political Expo, being held in conjunction with the State LP Convention, is closing out its Early Bird pricing on March 24.  LPEX was created to re-focus members on the true mission of this party which is to elect Libertarian candidates to office. Its goal is to educate, engage and empower Libertarians to gain knowledge, make […]

Quarterly Business Meeting Thursday March 19


This is a notice to all members and an invitation to all prospective members that the quarterly LPVC Business Meeting will be held from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Thursday evening, March 19th at the Old New York Deli and Bakery Company in Camarillo. The address is 4972 Verdugo Way, which is in a […]

Letter to Editor: City of Camarillo Manager Salaries

govt emps

To the Acorn:  This letter is in response to the letter “City manager’s salary is too high” and the editorial “Dear City Hall: Operators are standing by.” Both pieces brought home the recurring issue of the lack of transparency in government costs and practices which has created a special class of super-paid insular government employees and […]

Letter to Editor: Prayer at City Council Meetings


To the Ventura Breeze: I’m with you. I think the Camarillo City Council voted for the prayer issue to be politically correct and had to be thrilled as punch to have a way out. Heck, we can’t even talk about religion among our families. Except for a generic benediction, how can we bring it into […]