Congratulations to Governor Gary Johnson and his running mate Governor William Weld, our newly elected Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees!

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gold egg pension

Now that we are in election mode we remember a proposition that should have but did not make the ballot because it was removed by the court. Fiscal responsibility begins locally, especially since many local officials climb the ladder to higher office. Thanks go to the Ventura County Taxpayer Association for pushing this measure in 2014. […]

LETTER from GARY JOHNSON, Newly Elected Presidential Nominee

Gary Johnson 2016

Friends, I don’t know where to begin. On Sunday, the Libertarian Party honored me with their nomination for President of the United States, and they nominated Governor William Weld to be the nominee for Vice-President. In the 72 hours since we were nominated, Governor Weld and I have appeared on MSNBC three times, Fox News and […]

LETTER from WILLIAM WELD, Vice Presidential Nominee

Wm Weld

Friends, I apologize for being a couple of days behind in sending this email. As you may have seen, Governor Johnson and I have been busy making the media rounds in New York City — taking the Libertarian Party’s message to virtually every network and major media outlet in the nation. The response has been […]

LETTER from NATIONAL LP CHAIR Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark LP Chair

As I am sure you have heard by now, the Libertarian National Convention has been a tremendous success. We have had record attendance (900+ delegates) and press coverage (250 reporters!). We have nominated some excellent candidates. We have raised a lot of money. And now we are roaring on towards Election Day! Thank you to all of the […]


Ted Brown

Libertarians will be at some upcoming events to promote the cause of Liberty.  On June 25-26, the Politicon conference will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center.  This is the “unconventional political convention” which should draw politically-minded people from across the political spectrum.  The Libertarian Party will have a large booth there.  Come join us.  […]