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    Topics and Issues

    Text for Jo!

    Here's a call-out from the Jo Jorgensen campaign for volunteers. Instead of a phone bank it's a text bank:  

    "It’s easy to text bank for Jo Jorgensen.

    We’re reaching literally thousands of voters every week, letting them know about the third option on every ballot: Dr. Jo.  We can reach tens of thousands more with your help! (And don’t worry, you don’t have to use your personal phone number.) Top Text Bankers every Tuesday and Thursday will receive a very special limited edition prize from the national campaign, plus special recognition for your hard work."

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    Currently Interviewing Libertarians!

    California State Chair Mimi Robson has initiated a project to learn how we can better "market our brand." After almost 50 years the public is still generally unaware of our existence. How discouraging! But now WE can participate in marketing research aimed to change all that. Read her message and sign up to be interviewed to share your ideas on what YOU think the problem is and/or what YOU think we can do about it. 


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    Ballot Recommendations

    The following is a list of our official positions on state propositions and county measures for the 2020 General Election. Some of them will not be on your ballot as they are city and location dependent. 

    State   Oxnard Ventura County
    Proposition 14 - No   Measure E - No Measure O - No Opinion
    Proposition 15 - No   Measure F - No (We are split)
    Proposition 16 - No   Measure L - Yes  
    Proposition 17 - No   Measure M - Yes  
    Proposition 18 - No   Measure N - Yes  
    Proposition 19 - No      
    Proposition 20 - No   Ojai Ojai School District
    Proposition 21 - No   Measure G - No Measure K - No
    Proposition 22 - Yes      
    Proposition 23 - No   Ventura Ventura School District
    Proposition 24 - No   Measure I - No Measure H - No
    Proposition 25 - Yes   Measure J - Yes  


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    Candidate Endorsements

    The following endorsements involve down-ballot, non-partisan offices that rarely receive the sizzle of attention they deserve. We want to draw your attention to them as we feel some non-partisan candidates are a step above the others when it comes to the defense of your liberty.

    For Oxnard City Treasurer we endorse James Aragon.

    For Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council we endorse Maria Soosai.

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