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  • Latest from the blog

    50 State Ballot Access!

    This is HUGE! One can only imagine the time, effort and money that was needed to make this happen. The national LP office has confirmed that Dr. Jo Jorgensen, our Libertarian presidential candidate, will be on every ballot in 2020! More than 60,000 signatures were safely gathered across the country during a pandemic and mass shutdowns. Many states were very narrowly secured, with one state confirming Libertarian ballot access by only seven signatures!  Jo Jorgensen is officially the first woman to be on every presidential ballot in the country TWICE (1996 & 2020). This is reason to celebrate! Every American will have the chance to vote for Jo in November. Never have voters been more dissatisfied with the options given to them by the old parties. Let’s work together to show them that there is another candidate–-that there is a real choice. Real change for real people.
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    Making your preference known

    We have a few pictures of cars that participated in the 'car rally' for the Jo20 campaign. Don't be bashful. This IS something you can do even while lots of us are wearing masks. Let people know who you would actually prefer. 8)
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