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The Libertarian Party of Ventura County represents a large number of liberty-lovers in Ventura County, California.

We are an affiliate of the Libertarian Party, which is the largest alternative political party in the nation.  The two legacy parties, unfortunately, do not support freedom as much as the Libertarian Party does.  Our love of freedom is why the Libertarian Party exists.

More and more freedom-lovers are learning about the Libertarian Party, which has been the nation's most successful alternative party since its founding in 1971.

If you love liberty, then we welcome you to join our organization.

We encourage all liberty-lovers to take any or all of the following actions:

1. Become a member of our organization (JOIN NOW!) - or - 

2. Attend one of our Quarterly Meetings (MEETING INFO HERE!) - or - 

3. Register to vote as a Libertarian (REGISTER HERE!) - or -

4. Run for office as a Libertarian

Thank you for your interest in liberty and in making this country better and more free.


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    National Convention 2022

    Next up is the Annual National LP Convention in Sparks (near Reno), Nevada. It will take place over Memorial Day weekend from May 26 to May 29. There will be an optional day of free training for Libertarians and volunteers from 9AM to 7PM on Thursday May 26. The main event will begin at 7:30PM Thursday evening with a reception. Sign up for the day of training and/or register for the convention by going to and clicking on "events." For hotel reservations click on "about." There are different packages to suit different budgets. The convention is open to all---Libertarians or just Libertarian curious. Come and enjoy!

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