LPVC Voter's Guide


The Libertarian Party of Ventura County Executive Committee Proudly Endorses:

Jeff Schwartz for Thousand Oaks City Council

We give Jeff Schwartz an A+ rating.  He is pro-freedom and pro-individual liberty on all issues.  You can visit the campaign website at: www.Jeff4TO.com


Additional Ventura County Candidate and Measure Recommendations:

Anthony Angelini for Conejo Recreation and Park District Commissioner.

No on Measure G, School Bond for Fillmore

No on Measure H, School Bond for Rio

No on Measure I, School Bond for Oxnard

No on Measure J, School Bond for Mupu

No on Measure K, School Bond for Mupu

Yes on Measure M, Ranked Choice/IRV for Ojai*

No on Measure S, School Bond for Las Virgenes


*Learn more about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting here: LINK

(Text: "Shall the voters authorize, at the discretion of the City Council, the use of ranked choice voting, also known as instant runoff voting and allowing voters to rank candidates for elected office in order of preference, to elect City offices at-large, thereby amending the Ojai Municipal Code to no longer elect City Council members by district, if the City Council implements it starting with the November 2024 general election?")


No Recommendations on:

Measure C, term limits for Oxnard

Measure D, name change for Port Hueneme

Measure L, number of council members for Ojai


(State recommendations to be posted soon.)