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Interim Chair - Jeff Schwartz

Jeff has been pro-freedom all his life, and first became a member of the LP around 1990. He has studied freedom philosophy and libertarian writings for more than three decades.  He advocates: peace, harmony, justice, and compassion by making all individual's health decisions completely voluntary and private (an end to all "mandates" in the name of "public health"); ending all U.S. foreign military interventions; bringing all U.S. troops home from abroad; ending the failed, counterproductive "War on Drugs"ending all governmental barriers to entrepreneurship, free-market employment and free-market housing; massively reducing the size and cost of government;  holding politicians and bureaucrats accountable by ending the doctrine of "sovereign immunity;" allowing free markets, free trade, and free monetary systems to flourish, thus ushering in a new era of increased prosperity; eliminating counterproductive barriers to legal and honest immigration; ending all government involvement in education; abolishing all prohibitions and regulations infringing upon the adult citizenry's ability to peaceably keep and bear firearms; an end to all government-supported schemes attempting to "geo-engineer" and/or purposely attempting to stabilize, modify, or control the weather, climate, or atmosphere; and an end to "central banking" and the "Federal Reserve."

In summary: more freedom, less government, more personal responsibility, more privacy, and lower taxes.

Vice-Chair - Austin Jackson

Austin has been a registered Libertarian since the age of 18 except for a short few months to try to vote Ron Paul in for the Republicans in 2012. He was active on both Moorpark and CSUN campus for libertarian and Constitutional ideals. Austin interned in Washington DC and is now a Sub for LAUSD and considering Law School.


Treasurer - Susan Aquino

Susan Aquino stopped worrying about what others would think and joined the Libertarian Party in the early 90’s. The main pull for her was minimizing the sense of entitlements, and nurturing responsibility for one’s own life. Susan did not agree with every LP issue, but the platform was still miles above the other parties. Susan is a former LPVC Chair and Secretary, has attended many state conventions and four national conventions. She is retired from the US Postal Service, Human Resources division, and also spent her later years as a small town Postmaster. You’ll find her experiencing the private sector in her retirement job as a grocery cashier.

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Volunteer Chair - Emma Schwartz




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