Executive Committee

County Party Officers



Chair - Mark Suarez

Mark Suarez came to the U.S. from the Philippines in 1988. He has lived in various parts of the U.S., but primarily the San Fernando Valley. Mark graduated from Granada Hills High School and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts from U.C. Davis. He currently works in Glendale in the health information management field.

Vice Chair/Media Chair - Teresa Cvach

Teresa has been a registered and active voting Libertarian for over a decade. She was first introduced by Susan Cvach, who ran as the Libertarian candidate for Coconino County Board of Supervisor. Teresa passionately advances the fact that our nation's spending and increasing debt by Republicans and Democrats cannot continue and strongly pushes for the rights of the individual. Her favorite book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

   Secretary - Austin Jackson

Been a registered Libertarian since 18 except for a short few months to try to vote Ron Paul in for the Republicans in 2012. Was active on both Moorpark and CSUN campus for libertarian and Constitutional ideals. Has interned in Washington DC and is now a Sub for LAUSD and considering Law School.

Treasurer - Susan Aquino
Susan Aquino stopped worrying about what others would think and joined the Libertarian Party in the early 90’s. The main pull for her was minimizing the sense of entitlements, and nurturing responsibility for one’s own life. Susan did not agree with every LP issue, but the platform was still miles above the other parties. Susan is a former LPVC Chair and Secretary, has attended many state conventions and four national conventions. She is retired from the US Postal Service, Human Resources division, and also spent her later years as a small town Postmaster. You’ll find her experiencing the private sector in her retirement job as a grocery cashier.

Committee Chairs


Newsletter Chair - Dan O'Shea

Dan recently joined the local Libertarian Party in 2017 after decades of admiration of Ron Paul and his eloquent positions on issues promoting citizen freedom and our Constitutional agreement. And seeing that major candidates in the Democratic and Republican parties have long been compromised. He especially sees our dishonest scam of a money system as the core of so much destruction in this country with a justice system unable to deal with the pervasive conflicts of interest that exist. He handles social media, actively posting on the Libertarian Party of Ventura County website while having nightly dreams of ending the Fed.

Campaigns Chair / Fundraising Chair - James Aragon

James was born in Ventura, CA and graduated Oxnard High School in 1993. He retired from the Air Force after 20 years as an intelligence analyst. After retirement, he spent time in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ before returning to Oxnard in 2017. He is a compliance auditor in the financial services industry and has three boys.


Membership Chair / Volunteer Chair - Jeff Schwartz

Jeff first became a member of the LP around 1990. He is well-read in libertarian philosophy, and advocates peace, harmony, justice, and compassion by ending all U.S. foreign military interventions; returning all U.S. troops home from abroad; ending the insane and racist War on Drugs; ending governmental barriers to entrepreneurship, employment and housing; massively reducing the size and cost of government; allowing free markets, free trade, and free monetary systems to usher in a new era of prosperity; and eliminating counterproductive barriers to legal and honest immigration.

Website Chair - Alfred Differ

First born to a career USAF NCO, Alfred has set foot in all but three of the fifty states and spent the last few years of public schooling in a new school each year. He completed undergraduate work at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduate work at University of California, Davis finishing with a PhD in Physics. Most of those years were spent in apolitical ignorance. He became a registered Libertarian after the 2012 election, but self-identifies as a classical liberal most of the time. Married with one adult son.

Open Events Chair

Responsible for the planning and oversight of events.