2020 Election Results

Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen for POTUS and VP
Nationwide 1.18% with 1,850,843 votes.
Statewide 1.1% with 185,787 votes.
Countywide 1.2% with 5047 votes.*

Aaron Starr for Oxnard City Council: 32% with 3439 votes, 2nd place in 3-way race.

Kate O'Brien for Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District: 20% with 31,579 votes, #1 in 6-way race.**

James Aragon for Oxnard Treasurer: 37% with 22,975 votes, 2nd place in 2-way race.

Maria Soosai for Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council: 29% with 3219 votes, third in 3-way race.

*Exceeded LP voter registrations of 4765!


THANK YOU to all our Libertarians who ran for office!