"The Libertarian Alternative"

In today's frustrating political climate many voters are registering as "Independent", which is, in fact a political party, or just not bothering to vote at all. 

Now is the time to get to know the THIRD largest political party in the country that's been around for more than 40 years. Our guest speaker for the quarterly business meeting will be William (Bill) Westmiller the current LPVC Secretary.

William became involved in the 1964 Presidential campaign while attending High School in Marshall, Minnesota. He became Chairman of the Young Democrats of Lyon County and conducted a lengthy interview with candidate Eugene McCarthy, which was published in the county newspaper. Later, he was invited to Lyndon Johnson's second inauguration in 1965.

After reading several libertarian books, William joined the national Libertarian Party shortly after it was founded in 1971. His philosophical opposition to the compulsory military draft and the Vietnam War led him to move to Canada, where he was a co-founder of the LP of Canada, serving as its first Secretary, in 1972.

Upon moving back to the United States, William helped organize the write-in Presidential Campaign of USC Professor John Hospers in California and was subsequently elected as LP National Secretary and then California Chairman.

Like other libertarians, William was disappointed with the progress of the LP and impressed with the Republican Candidate for President, Ronald Reagan. Westmiller registered GOP and ran for the 24th Congressional District nomination to contest incumbent Brad Sherman. He participated in a dozen debates with Sherman, but only won 18% of the vote in the largely Democratic District.

At the urging of several Republican activists with libertarian leanings, Westmiller was elected California Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus and subsequently served as National RLC Chairman for nearly a decade.

William registered Libertarian shortly after his wife, Robin, was elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County. He currently serves as Secretary.

William will discuss the development of his political philosophy over several decades and how we can change the political climate by joining and becoming active in the Libertarian Party.