A Foundation of Freedom For Your Child

Do you feel school taught you enough to pass the ideals of liberty and freedom to your children? Aside from the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent war, we often don’t teach our children the philosophies and principles of freedom & liberty that our founding fathers risked everything for. Teaching our children about these ideals within the modern world is even more rare.

Filling a need for parents to teach these lessons without over complication was author Connor Boyack’s mission. Being a father of two, Boyack had difficulty finding a way to boil down the essential concepts to teach them, without boring them or making it impossible to digest. For example, how does one talk to kids about the Federal Reserve and destructive monetary policies that causes inflation. How does inflation destroy wealth…especially to people looking to retire soon?

With that in mind, Boyack went to work on his children’s book series, The Tuttle Twins. Within each book (which is geared towards 6-10 year olds), the Twins tackle basic Libertarian philosophies, including the free market, the non-aggression principle and personal responsibility. My own children, being slightly younger than the recommended age sat down around the dinner table to read “The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island“. A kid’s friendly take on the popular book by G. Edward Griffin. In this adventure, the Twins learn about how their grandparents wealth is being robbed by the creation of new fiat currencies. The new money is used by the bankers and their friends in the government, first. So they enjoy all the benefits. But, what happens afterwards is the truly scary. A giant monster with tentacles, that resembles a purple octopus begins crossing out the prices of everyday goods and services, and then increases the prices. The problem is that the Twin’s grandparents no longer gets new money, so they are suffering because each time the creature raises the prices, they lose more and more of their wealth that they depended on to retire.
Ultimately, the Twins realized that it’s not some scary monster, but a silly banker in a costume. And they agree the best way to defeat this monster is to give the people moreoptions on what currencies to use.

From learning the foundations of what money is and how it is exchanged, the Twins find out about bartering, fiat currencies, and alternative currencies such as bitcoin. All within a small booklet. An added benefit is the book’s riveting illustrations by Elijah Stanfield that my daughter in particular, found fascinating. Surprisingly easy to read, short and to the point, the Tuttle Twins book took us about 20 minutes to read around the dinner table. We will be ordering more from the series, and I recommend it to anyone who values liberty to take the time to teach their children these foundational principles. Find out more at: https://tuttletwins.com


Fundraising Chair,  LP of Ventura County