Meet our New ExCom Member - Campaigns Chair James Aragon

aragonj.jpgJames was born in Ventura, CA and graduated Oxnard High School in 1993. He retired from the Air Force after 20 years as an intelligence analyst. After retirement, he spent time in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ before returning to Oxnard in 2017. He is a compliance auditor in the financial services industry and has three boys aged 14 to 5.
He will be coordinating with registered Ventura County Libertarians to place candidates in ALL local and county seats for the November 2020 election.
If you're interested in promoting Libertarian policies, we NEED to elect Libertarians to office, or at the very least have US as the alternative to the "big 2" parties so people know there is a CHOICE.
If you really want to make a difference - email [email protected] for more information.