California Libertarian's Victory Could Be a Roadmap for Others

This article about victorious Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt was written by Steven Greenhut

Winning candidates need to offer practical approaches that are appropriate for the offices they are seeking. Jeff Hewitt did exactly that. 

Many of my Republican friends chide me for being a "Losertarian," a member of a party, the Libertarian Party, that is far better known for its sometimes-bizarre candidates, bitter internal disputes and unrealistic policy positions than it is for winning elections. Never mind that the GOP has its share of strange candidates (including one who managed to win a presidential election), but the criticism always has had an uncomfortable ring of truth to it.

So it was with much enjoyment that I watched Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt certified as the winner of a seat on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. In an election that saw Republican candidates obliterated for statewide and legislative seats, it was unusual seeing a Libertarian win a powerful office in one of the nation's most-populous counties. These races are "nonpartisan," but Calimesa Mayor Hewitt never hid his party affiliation. He beat a well-known Republican former Assemblyman.... read the entire article here: California Libertarian's Victory Could Be a Roadmap for Others

Steven Greenhut is western region director for the R Street Institute and was previously the Union-Tribune's California columnist. He is based in Sacramento.