Candidate Training

An announcement from our national office that will be of interest to anyone considering running for office:
The year 2021 will be an exciting one for your Lib
ertarian Party! With one of the most successful electoral and fundraising years serving as prologue, we plan to keep the momentum going. One of the several plans for capitalizing on our growth this year will be a ramp-up of the training of Libertarian candidates, staff, and state officers all over the country and at all levels of the Libertarian Party.

Spearheaded by Candidate Recruitment associate and sitting Burnsville, Minnesota city councilmember Cara Schulz, the program will be an intensive, introductory course held largely online on weekends to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign. 

Among the several areas to be covered in this valuable training are campaign management and leadership, campaign planning and strategy, and fundraising. Students of the course who approach it with no prior knowledge of campaigning will come away from it understanding how successful candidates plan and execute their campaigns with effective communication and proper staff and resource management.

In addition to classes for candidates, Cara will conduct a leadership program targeted at party leaders at the affiliate level. Running concurrently with the candidate training above, state party officers will be offered courses in the tasks of their positions as well as participating with the candidates in their training in classes relevant to both situations. In addition, the program will allow state officers to meet and mingle with officers in other states to network and share ideas. 

This valuable training has already been utilized in two of the LNC’s regions, instructing candidates on topics such as fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention, and training on our relationship management system. Watch for upcoming training dates or visit