Convention Recap

Our California State LP Convention held in Concord in early April was a wonderful success. Very well organized by Vice Chair Brent Olsen and professionally monitored by Chair Mimi Robson, I once again was very glad I attended. Best of all, there were 123 delegates---the highest number in recent years---and that's not even counting non-members, guests and family. 

Party business included a few revisions to the ByLaws and a surprise total scrapping of the Platform. The body agreed that it had become too long and cumbersome and voted to defer to the National platform until it can be streamlined by a new committee. 

There were elections for State Executive Committee which re-seated Mimi Robson as Chair, Brent Olsen as Vice-Chair, Steve Haug as Treasurer and Paul Vallindigham as Secretary. LPVC member Chuck Hamm continues as an At-Large Representative. One surprise twist was that we have now been moved from the Southern Area to the newly-formed Central Area with Justin Quigley as our Area Coordinator. This change aligns us with others in the 805 area code including Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. 

During the convention we had access to speakers like Jon Coupal from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers' Association and Zach Foster, the North American spokesman for Cuban and Venezuelan Libertarians. Attending workshops such as County Affiliate Support or Campaign Strategies were also an option. A Friday night reception and a Saturday night banquet topped off the schedule of events.

Next year the state convention will be held in nearby Los Angeles. Here's hoping this recap whets your appetite to be there.