Currently Interviewing Libertarians!

California State Chair Mimi Robson has initiated a project to learn how we can better "market our brand." After almost 50 years the public is still generally unaware of our existence. How discouraging! But now WE can participate in marketing research aimed to change all that. Read her message and sign up to be interviewed to share your ideas on what YOU think the problem is and/or what YOU think we can do about it. 


"As the party is growing, I hear our members say, "Libertarian messaging needs improvement," or, "libertarianism needs to broaden its reach." Have you had these thoughts?

If you have, it turns out, you have the answer! After all, you're a libertarian. That means you joined the party at some point and you have a story to tell.

A local, liberty-minded foundation wants to speak with you and find out what attracted you to the liberty movement!

The Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity is conducting research interviews to learn:

  • How people become libertarians
  • Why they're presently libertarians
  • What effect the current crisis has had on your libertarianism
  • And more

Your insights can help expand the power and reach of liberty-oriented messaging.

And the best part is you'll be able to do this interview from the comfort of home. Your interview will be conducted using Zoom.

You probably have questions. Or maybe you're ready to go. Either way you can learn more or and apply to participate by visiting:

Yours in Liberty,
Mimi Robson
Chair, Libertarian Party of California"

[email protected]