Mar 13 ExComm Meeting


6:00PM – Unstructured Social (optional)

6:15PM – Call to Order, Reciting of the Mission Statement (5 min)

6:20PM – Reports of Party Officers

6:20PM – Report of chair (5 minutes)

6:25PM – Report of vice-chair/ media chair (5 minutes)

6:30PM – Report of secretary (5 minutes)

6:35PM – Report of treasurer (5 minutes) - * (Susan)

6:40PM – Report of Membership Chair – time yielded – see written report - Three new members since December: Frank Hagan, Samantha Miller and Alisha Tresh (total 50 members)

6:45PM – Report of Fundraising/Campaigns Chair (James Aragon) (5 minutes)

6:50PM – Report of Newsletter Chair (Dan O'Shea) (5 minutes) – including Facebook and Twitter activity

6:55PM – Report of Website Chair (Alfred Differ)


7:05PM - Reinstate Austin as Secretary since dues are paid; notify state secretary. (5 minutes) (Susan Aquino)

7:10PM - Record Email vote to fund $100.00 for CAPS project passed with 7? Ayes. (5 minutes) (Jeff Schwartz)

New Business:

7:15 PM - Eulogy and moment of silence for member who had passed away, Stephen Schrader (Jeff Schwarz – 5 min)

7:20 PM - Proposed amendment of constitution to deny membership to out of state applicants (See addendum) (Jeff Schwartz – 5 min)

7:10 PM - Propose setting a standing day and time each month for monthly meetings and quarterly meetings, and that this be posted on website. (Jeff Schwartz – 5 min)

7:15 PM - Survey results – who is willing to volunteer for outreach booths at least once in next 3 months? (Jeff Schwartz – 5 min)

7:20 PM – Request nomination and appointment by ExCom to Volunteer Chair (Jeff Schwartz – 5 min)

7:25 PM – Motion to fund new Outreach Materials by donation or earmark:

I move to earmark $160 towards the expenditure of outreach materials, with a request of each ex-com member voluntarily donate $20 each, and for every ex-com member who chooses not to donate $20, the remainder of the $160 that has not been funded by donations will be disbursed from our Treasury by our Treasurer.  The $160 will be spent by an Outreach Materials committee which will be headed by someone appointed by the Ex-Com. (Jeff Schwartz – 10 min)

7:30PM Ventura County Fair booth in August? (approx $900 for booth; would need volunteers for 12 days) (Susan Aquino)

Other miscellaneous facts mentioned by Susan Aquino

Re-locate Magic Jack phone system. (currently still with past secretary)

Preferred Days of Weeks for Future Meetings? 

Teresa Cvach: Any weekday evening except Monday

Susan Aquino – Should be consistent every month – day and which week.

Al Differ – Any weeknight except Friday. Must be after 6pm or later to be face to face.

Jeff Schwartz – Any weeknight except Monday and Wednesday.

Mark Suarez?


James Aragon?

Dan O'Shea

March 13, 2020 at 6:00pm - 9pm

Will you come?