Freedom Rally Mon Nov 8

Nonprofit Firefighters 4 Freedom to host epic freedom rally in L.A. against unconstitutional \Another FYI - Firefighters 4 Freedom will be hosting a March for Freedom rally at 10am, Monday, November 8, in Los Angeles at Grand Park, which is located directly across from City Hall. This rally is in support of all workers affected by the vaccine mandates in Los Angeles. The location choice is, quite simply, a genius move, as the rally will be held on county property across from City Hall. This property is under the jurisdiction of LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who respects personal choice not to receive the vaccine.

Rally speakers will include:

– John Knox, founder of Firefighters 4 Freedom

– Amy Bohn, co-founder and executive director of PERK (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

– Dr. Simone Gold, M.D., J.D., FABEM, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors

– Will Witt of PragerU

– Pastor Rob McCoy of the Truth & Liberty Coalition

– Anesthesiologist Dr. Chris Rake of CUFF (Citizens United for Freedom)

 LEXIT founder Jesse Holguin

– Business architect, speaker and comedian Jason Sisneros

Law Enforcement Today’s own National Spokeswoman, Sergeant Carla Miller, says of the mandates and the upcoming rally:

“The mandates, we know, are unconstitutional.  They are affecting a large portion of their workforce in the name of what they claim is safety, when in reality it’s going to directly affect the safety of the citizens in that county, and in any city, county, state that enforces these unconstitutional mandates.

“They are reducing public servants.  They are reducing public services to a point where a city is not going to be able to function.

“And that’s what this is about.  It’s not just about firefighters, police officers, nurses.  It’s about your constitutional rights to make medical decisions, and the government overreach that is happening.”

In other news on stands against unconstitutional vaccine mandates, a nationwide walkout is scheduled for November 8-11.

This event was organized by Advocates for Citizen’s Rights, a California non-profit founded by human rights attorney Leigh Dundas.  Listed organizers and sponsors also include many other freedom-oriented organizations.

The walkout is a voluntary strike to protest workplace vaccine mandates.