Help Needed: Gather Signatures for Oxnard Recall

Here’s a volunteer opportunity for all Libertarians, especially those who live in Oxnard. The signature drive to recall from office Oxnard Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, Perello and Madrigal has been formally launched and petition gatherers are needed. This activity is on-going. Please see contact information below to offer your time to this project.

The LPVC supports this action in response to the Oxnard City Council’s continued decision to raise waste water rates despite voter opposition. There may also a possible lawsuit against the city for using waste water monies for other purposes.  We need your help now! Volunteer to collect petitions from the public or request a blank petition form to gather signatures from family, friends and neighbors. To learn more, donate or volunteer go to or you may contact us via this website.