Insight from a New Libertarian

“We were elected to the people’s house to serve their will, their interests, and limit government interference in their lives. I was not elected to do the bidding of a political party at the expense of my principles. Establishment partisan politics do nothing to protect the rights of people, but instead only serve to prop up and expand government with arcane plans to irresponsibly spend our money and enact burdensome regulations on businesses, small and large alike. The Libertarian Party platform gives us, as legislators, the best possible framework to expand social freedoms, support a free-market economy, and ensure the checks and balances on government power are enforced.”

Branden Phinney, former Republican, current State Representative of New Hampshire and newly declared Libertarian.

Thank you, Branden. You hit all the selling points for the Libertarian Party. We hear you loud and clear.