Jeff Hewitt for Governor

At the state convention from May 14-16, The Libertarian Party of California endorsed Jeff Hewitt for Governor. A Libertarian and current Riverside County Supervisor, Hewitt brings over 17 years of successful public office experience to his run for governor. Before he became a county supervisor he was the mayor of Calimesa, CA as well as a successful businessman. 

“With my gubernatorial campaign in full swing, we are pulling out all the stops because we know we have an excellent shot at winning this race given the current state of politics in California,” said Hewitt.

Jeff Hewitt was born in 1953 in Southern California. He graduated from Yucaipa High School and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cal State San Bernardino. While in college, Jeff started his own contracting company by creating new applications for existing technology, eventually applying what he learned to pool construction, including excavation, electrical and plumbing.

In 2004, Jeff Hewitt served on the Calimesa City Planning Commission applying his private sector experience to the land development of Calimesa. In 2010 Hewitt ran for Calimesa City Council, won re-election in 2014 and was elected a Calimesa-record three consecutive one-year terms as Mayor by his colleagues.

In 2018, Jeff Hewitt was elected to the Board Supervisors for Riverside County’s Fifth District. The Fifth District oversees the cities of Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Calimesa, Menifee, and Perris. In addition to these cities, the Fifth District provides services to a number of unincorporated communities, including Cherry Valley, Cabazon, Nuevo, Desert Hot Springs, Desert Hills, Lake Perris, Lakeview Mountains, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, Whitewater, and Windy Point.

With a lifetime of balance between the public and private sectors, Jeff Hewitt has the breadth and depth of knowledge required to solve an array of issues.

Why Jeff?

Some elected officials spend a great deal of their time dodging responsibility. Getting elected, and getting reelected is their primary focus and the state suffers for it. They are clever about it, of course. They have all sorts of quick steps. One trick that really pokes me in the gizzard is the use of overpaid consultants to make “hard” decisions.

While around California municipalities are failing, crushed by the weight of budgetary malfeasance, very poor management decisions, and corruption scandals. I represent "old school Californians" who still maintain social, community, and family values that made this the greatest state in the nation.

There are not really all that many hard decisions in government. What makes decisions “difficult” is that politicians don’t want to be held responsible for anything. To avoid having to answer to the people, they bring in someone from far away, pay them millions of our tax dollars, and in return get told to do what was obvious in the first place.

As Governor I will not duck behind consultants. There are some issues that need an expert to look at and advise us on, but most of what a Governor must make decisions on is just not that complex. I will save us hundreds of millions a year with one simple moral act: I will take full responsibility for my decisions.

In addition, I will root out these same bad habits in our staff and administration. The culture of pass the buck, dodge responsibility, and hide mistakes under piles of paperwork must change. Our leadership neglected the inner workings of their offices and the morale of our good public servants is at an all-time low. I promise you that our state workers - from the clerk who serves you at a license window to the directors of our largest services - will remember it is YOU that they work for.

With determination, I will reform our state offices. Each worker should be actively incentivized to provide quality customer service. Through labor-saving technologies, through strong, compassionate leadership, and through determined training and inculturation, our offices will transform and refocus themselves. We will again serve the public first and foremost and we will do it with speed, diligence, and courtesy. California WILL prosper.

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