From Elias Hoff, Published in the Ventura Star:

The two-party system has failed us. No more do we vote for the candidate that we believe in, we vote for the "lesser of two evils."

No longer do we proudly explain our position to friends and neighbors, but instead stay reluctant to be honest even with the pollsters. The principles this nation was founded on are not represented by the radical Democrats or the fear mongering Republicans. 

This year don't be afraid to vote your conscience. Jo Jorgensen supports ending the oppressive war on drugs. She advocates staying out of costly foreign conflicts. She understands how important it is to allow the free market to reduce health care costs through healthy competition. Most of all, she understands the vulnerability of being $26 trillion dollars in debt. Visit to learn more about a refreshing alternative to the wicked status quo. Vote with your conscience this year. Vote for Jo. 

From Teresa Cvach, Published in the Ventura Star:

This election, remember that there are more than two names on the ballot. That you don't have to choose between the 'lesser of the two evils'. Despite voter suppression by the Republicrats, the 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate gained the best 3rd party results since Ross Perot. Despite being the 3rd largest political party, due to bureaucratic limitations, the Libertarian presidential candidate is not currently represented on all 50 state's ballots. Finally, know that the Libertarian party is gaining momentum. Our first member in Congress, Justin Amash, has co-authored the first tri-partisan legislation in US Congressional history to end Qualified Immunity.

Check out Jo Jorgensen for a fresh perspective. Vote Gold!

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