LPC Convention Notes

Over the weekend of April 29-30, 2017 the California Libertarian Party held its annual convention in Santa Clara California.  It was a wonderful weekend with over 80 delegates in attendance to vote on party business and enjoy fine speakers. In addition elections were held to fill state party officer positions for two-year terms.  The results of the elections are as follows: Ted Brown-Party Chair; Kenneth Brent Olsen-Northern Vice-Chair; Jonathan Jaech-Southern Vice-Chair; Honor “Mimi” Robson-Secretary; and Steven Haug-Treasurer. Six At-Large Members were also elected with two alternates. A seat on the Judiciary Committee was filled.

Convention minutes will soon be posted on the state website soon as well as the revised platform. State membership by county will also be made available. As a final note, the Executive Committee will be meeting in Monrovia on June 11, 2017 for the Second Quarterly meeting. All members are welcome.