New Central Area Coordinator

Jon Prosser has been elected to fill the Central Area Coordinator position recently vacated by Justin Quigly. His role is to work with all Central Area LP county organizations providing information and assistance. As reported earlier, the LPVC's regional affiliation was changed from the Southern Area to the Central Area. This decision, initiated at a past state convention, was made to more evenly distribute California's LP members among the three Area Coordinators. Jon will oversee ten counties including Ventura County. 



Jon Prosser works as a financial manager of a specialty fertilizer manufacturing company. He holds a B.A. in Business Management from Fresno Pacific University. He is the father of two girls: one a freethinker and the other a free spirit. His hobbies include traveling, playing music, over-analyzing and dreaming of ways to effect change culturally and politically. 

Jon is a founding member of the recently-reestablished Libertarian Party of Tulare County. In addition to his ongoing efforts to connect Libertarians in the Central Valley and grow the party’s regional presence, he has been working with the Libertarian Party of California on several committees including: Affiliate Support, Historical Preservation, Platform (2020), and Credentials (2018 & 2019 conventions). Jon plans to do whatever he can to grow the party and the larger “liberty movement” into a force that can deliver the final blow to the two-party stranglehold. He is optimistic that we can take down the leviathan with an approach that combines the brain of a business with the heart of an artist. 

Ventura County members may reach him at [email protected]