New National LP Chair

We have a newly appointed national Chair due to the unexpected resignation of former national Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman. Read below her message to all Libertarians. 

My name is Whitney Bilyeu and I am the Chair of the Libertarian Party. 

For over a decade I have been actively involved in the LP as a candidate, activist, LNC representative, and many other roles at the local, state, and national level. I devote the bulk of my energy to realizing a world set free in my lifetime.

Serving as LNC Chair was not something I had anticipated happening, and I did not seek out this position. However, I am ready to serve wholeheartedly and am committed to seeing our Party through to the 2022 Convention in Reno.

We do not have time to waste. The duopoly is always ten steps ahead of us with their war chests overflowing. To challenge it, we must be deliberate, we must be strategic, and we must work together without distraction to continue the journey toward liberty. 

As I settle into my term as LNC Chair, I am looking at projects that have broad impact, as well as those most likely to result in successes between now and next term.

A top priority for me is Ballot Access. Anyone who has been around the LP for even one election cycle knows how vital ballot access efforts are to the survival of our Party. Our endeavors over the last 50 years have made us an undeniable threat to existing two-party rule and we must not lose ground. The challenges, obstacles, and threats to our ballot access nationwide are serious, and we can’t afford to relent. If you are determined, as I am, to see Libertarians up and down the ballots coast-to-coast in the midterm elections, I ask for your contribution to our Ballot Access Fund.

As Libertarian candidates take their rightful places on the ballot, we see the need for Candidate Support. We have consistently run candidates year after year for local, state, and federal offices. These candidates, for the most part, have had to rely solely on their local parties and their personal networks, which may be greatly limited in terms of resources and experience. We are working to increase the support we can offer to Libertarian candidates. One of the services we are providing is campaign training at no cost to the attendees. These trainings are scheduled by region, and if you’ve ever considered running for office, we encourage you to attend. Another way we are supporting Libertarian candidates is through the work of our recently hired National Activism Coordinator, who seeks to connect volunteers with campaigns and provide additional resources when possible. The more ways we support our candidates, the more races we will win. To help us prioritize the needs of our candidates, please consider donating to the Candidate Support Fund.

The stronger our candidates become, the more I see the need to strengthen our Legal Action Fund. This is a priority for me because I have some experience here. In my first couple weeks as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas, I was sued multiple times by Republican groups, including elected officials and candidates. Their goal was to have more than half of our already certified candidates removed from the ballot. My team and I took action immediately. We retained counsel and fought back. The judge ruled in our favor, and the Republicans appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. Before the highest court in the state, we were again victorious and all of our 80+ candidates remained on the Texas ballot. I know how it feels to win when the old parties come after us. I want us to be ready to win again, whenever that time comes. Please consider a financial gift toward our Legal Action Fund if you would like to help the LP beat Republicans and Democrats in court.

I want to personally thank each and every one of our members and supporters. This Party has faced and overcome significant challenges, and there are more around every corner. If we weren’t effective, if we weren’t growing, if more people weren’t considering us over the authoritarian alternatives every single day, we would not be targeted by the old parties and the powers that be in government. It is because we have become more impactful and because we are seeing our numbers climb that they consider us a threat that must be defeated. We will not stand down. Liberty — and Liberty for all — is our goal. I hope you will join me and see what great things are to come for the Libertarian Party. 

On we go...

Whitney Bilyeu
Chair, National Libertarian Party