Notes from Our So-Cal Conference

I believe there’s value in networking with our other counties so last week I made the drive to Santa Fe Springs to enjoy the Southern California Regional LP Conference. It was hosted by both the Los Angeles and San Bernardino county groups. We had a nice lunch in a good setting and heard stories by Libertarians who have been running campaigns, whether their own or for others.

Robert Imhof spoke about his experience as Northern California Regional Director for the Gary Johnson campaign. He worked every angle he could to reach out to his area, using new technology like Nation Builder, Hustle, Northstar and Kiosk. He especially worked hard to capture college students, citing Title 3 when he had trouble gaining access.

Ted Brown talked about not letting candidates run unopposed. He says we should take the opportunity to become a write-in candidate in the primary; that will then allow us to progress as part of the Top 2 in November. Ted is always looking for new candidates and you can reach him on the state site.

Baron Bruno spoke of being a catalyst for change on the local level. He ran for state assembly last year and has put his hat in the ring for a Libertarian Presidential candidate for 2020. Another candidate from last year, Honor Robson, spoke about having a message that resonates with the voter. She ran for a seat in the state senate.

Mike Everling suggested getting out the libertarian message by becoming a shadow “employee.” His idea is to select a current public official or candidate and follow him or her. Then be a voice to the public by commenting on his/her actions and decisions.

Angela McArdle presented her candidacy for a congressional district seat created by a mid-term vacancy. She is looking for donations and support.

Dan Fishman, the New England regional director for the Gary Johnson campaign, told us stories about trying to set up campaign tour events while everything in the campaign kept changing.  He said that the Nation Builder program is a great tool for team building and can be had for as little as $19 per month. He recommended the Hustle program as well. He says our goal should be to make the Libertarian Party the second party in California since we already have so many registered Libertarians.

Nicholas Sarwark, National Chair of the LP, came out from DC to speak at the event. His motto is “Show up, be nice and win.” He said “We are building something we love. We have an opportunity to build a political home for millions of Americans who want to pursue happiness. Politics is not right or left; it’s up and down depending on how much freedom one has. Libertarian politics is humanitarian; it’s about people. People really do want to have control over their own lives, so we should be supporting individual freedoms on every issue. We should be fearless in politics, but never attack people. Become more welcoming. Find points of agreement. It won’t happen all at once.”

‘Matt Barnes finished the event by talking about what his group has done. Last year they created a website called “LA Loves Gary Johnson” and printed a new brochure for the state’s use. They have used CVCRM for mass emailing and Politico for stats. They have made it their job to try to reach out to progressives.

The after event included friendly conversation in the bar, then a pizza party at a condo on the beach. There’s nothing like the party Party. Join us.