Online Convention Starts Thursday

We're down to the wire and just now getting specific details on our online national convention. Delegates and Alternates have been meeting on and off for a week to fine-tune voting procedures, and State Chairs have been busy setting up communication with their delegations. You may not be a Delegate this year, but you are still welcome to watch the debates on Thursday night and to follow the convention live via on the Libertarian Party channel.

Here is the schedule as we know it. All times are Pacific.





A token/vote from the delegates as to who should be included in the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates is due by 2:00 PM Thursday May 21.

The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates begin at 5:30 PM on Thursday May 21 and will be shown on YouTube on the Libertarian Party channel. 

The LP National Convention begins at 3:00 PM on Friday May 22. Delegates must confirm ahead of time. Business will include confirmation of credentialed delegates and approval of the agenda. There may also be a motion made to change the Saturday start time. 

Convention resumes at 8:00 AM on Saturday May 23. Orders of the day will be voting for the Presidential candidate.

Convention continues 8:00 AM Sunday May 24. Orders of the day will be voting for the Vice-Presidential candidate. 

All business not covered at this online convention will be handled at the in-person national convention in Orlando, Florida in July. 

NOTE: If you are a Delegate or Alternate and have not yet set yourself up with Slack and eBallot, check your emails and do so before the convention starts. These are the vehicles whereby our State Chair will be able to forward your vote to the Convention Chair. All others may watch the proceedings on You Tube, the Libertarian channel.