TIME TO VOTE Tuesday June 5

California’s Statewide Primary is here. Take the time and make the effort to vote. Here are LPVC recommendations based on our Platform.

Prop 68 Bond
Issues $4 billion in bonds for parks, environmental protection, and water infrastructure.
NO: We favor direct budgeting, rather than borrowing, for essential government services.

Prop 69 Budget
Requires certain tax and fee revenue related to transportation be used for transportation purposes.
YES: We oppose any tax increases or diversion of funds. This initiative limits expenditures from the gas tax receipts to transportation.

Prop 70 Budget
Requires a one-time two-thirds vote to use revenue from the cap-and-trade program.
YES: We oppose the program, but favor constraints on expenditures.

Prop 71 Direct Democracy
Changes the date for when voter-approved ballot measures take effect.
YES: Laws should go into effect as soon as they are official adopted.

Prop 72 Taxes
Excludes rainwater capture systems from property tax assessments.
YES: We oppose any increase in taxes on any property improvements.

District School Bonds (3):
NO: We favor direct budgeting, rather than borrowing, for essential government services and privatization of all schooling.
State-wide Candidates:

Governor – No Incumbent
LPCA endorsed:
Nickolas Wildstar

Lt. Governor – No Incumbent
LPCA endorsed:
Tim Ferreira

US Senate – Incumbent Diane Feinstein (D)
Listed LP Candidate:
Derrick Reid

Secretary of State – Incumbent Alex Padilla (D)
LPVC endorsed:
Gail Lightfoot

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