Spreading Our Message at a Local College Forum

The Political Science Club of Ventura College held a political party forum on October 10th, with representatives from the Libertarian, Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties. More than 50 students attended the event, organized by Michela Lee, club president.
LPVC Secretary William Westmiller gave a 15-minute overview of party history and positions, followed by a lengthy Q&A session that covered a wide range of current political issues. The LP and Green parties offered tables of literature and information. Westmiller distributed a list of positions that LPVC has taken on state and local ballot propositions.

The event is held annually. Last year, Westmiller and LPVC Chair Robin Westmiller were the only panel participants. This year, county chairs of the GOP, DEM and Green parties also participated. Questions from students largely avoided hot topics like the Kavanaugh confirmation and Trump's style, focusing on issues like immigration, drug laws, foreign wars, and general party principles.
Opportunities like this are vital for our Party to grow, especially among young people. If you would like to participate in future outreach events, please let us know by clicking on the volunteer button above.