We Are Now Central Area

Meet our new Central Area Coordinator Justin Quigley. Justin is a sign fabricator, traffic control technician, and musician from Ceres California. After learning of the Libertarian Party in his early thirties, he began following the movement and soon found that many of the questions he had been asking himself about government and politics all along, were part of the very foundation that libertarianism is founded upon.

Many of the thoughts Justin had about the economy, foreign policy, and laws in America were nearly identical to those of the Libertarian Party. By 2016 he had made the LP his political home, re-registered to update party preference, and joined the party on both the state and national levels. Appointed Chair Pro Tem of Stanislaus County in May 2017 he had his county affiliated by the end of the calendar year. He went on to serve on the State Executive Committee during 2018 and was recently re-elected at the 2019 convention to be our Central Area Coordinator. 

On a personal note, Justin was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and started playing the guitar in his teens. His style is a blend of country and western, blues, and rock and roll. Since his 20's he has been writing songs and performing with bands. He has opened professional shows with David Allen Coe and Grammy Award winners Thompson Square. At the convention Justin provided great entertainment during the opening reception.