Wildlife Corridors Speaker at Quarterly Business Meeting July 20

If you are affected by the county’s vast Wildlife Corridor project you will want to attend the quarterly business meeting on Thursday July 20 at 6:30 PM at Marie Callender’s in Camarillo, 185 E. Daily Drive. Lynn Jensen of VC CoLAB (Ventura County Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business) will speak from a property owner’s point of view and discuss its effect on property rights and increased regulations. For more information go to http://vcrma.org/planning/plans/Habitat-Connectivity-Wildlife-Movement-Corridors.html. (If you click on the powerpoint presentation and scroll down you will see a map of these corridors.)

This controversial project is yet another bad zoning law because it adversely impacts a lot of homeowners, landowners and business owners in Ventura County.  The zoning requirements do not even do what they purport to in giving animals safe passage across busy highways. But most of all the Wildlife Corridors project is set to trample on property rights. Come to the meeting and learn more.

We’ll also present a short midyear review and current volunteer opportunities. And yes, there will be another raffle prize. Everyone is welcome!