Longing for Liberty

Longing for Liberty
Film from Film Mavericks PRO
Article written by Film Mavericks PRO

In 2020 most Americans see themselves as stuck between two bad options for President. But another alternative is on every American's ballot... Dr. Jo Jorgensen.

This documentary feature film follows the campaign of Dr. Jorgensen, the first woman to be on all 50 state ballots in 2 Presidential elections. 

2020 has been a year which will forever live in infamy. The Presidential election has American's baffled at how they found themselves in this horrible situation. Stuck between President Donald Trump and Vice-President Joe Biden, many Americans see the situation as hopeless.

The government by virtue of a global pandemic has forced the shutdown of businesses all over the nation leaving record joblessness, an unstable stock-market and little hope for many Americans.

This film was made as an effort to discover if Dr. Jorgensen is the President we need to make America the land of Liberty for ALL people. To view the trailer, to purchase or rent go to Longing for Liberty